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Quality Assurance

Commercial Cleaning with Quality Assurance

When you have need for cleaning you want someone who has the experience and knowledge to complete the business of cleaning efficiently and effectively. At The Cleaning Co. we have developed our 3 Step Quality Assurance Management Process to assure adherence to site Task Schedules.

The 3 Steps are:

  1. The Task Schedule Check List
    All staff on every site are provided with a Task Schedule Check List that covers all areas and is specific to that site. The Task Schedule Check List is based on our discussions with the client and details their needs, and expectations.
  2. The Quality Assurance Audit Report
    The Task Schedule Check List is certainly only as good as its execution and we recognize that not every person is perfect every minute. It is with this in mind that we perform regular cleaning audits at all our sites. We audit all areas of a site, and initiate a Corrective Task Report to the staff as needed, depending on the quality of the work completed.
  3. Corrective Task Audit
    If there is any area that requires additional detail, we issue a Corrective Audit Report to our personnel. This report has clearly written instructions for correction of deficient items, along with instructions for prevention of future issues and clear information regarding the implications of failure to correct the concerns.